We understand the impact organ donation can have on families and we want to be the bridge that educates human beings to get in touch with their best selves by being in service to others even after they pass away.

By becoming an organ donor you get to share your life with someone in dire need of help that only the truest of human qualities can provide compassion.

We want to be the source that invokes compassion in human beings to become the best version of themselves when they live & share their body when they pass!


Volunteer with us:

You can help us organize events and get  the word out about organ  donation among your family, friends and workplace.

Donate Funds to Our Cause:

Sponsor events, help us spread the word to   as many people as possible. Every little bit counts. One green ribbon, one paper flyer,one share on our social media page can change the trajectory of a life.  Donate securely via PayPal by clicking here


Become a Life Member:

Become part of our journey and take on the mantle of being a hero for the noble cause of saving lives through organ donation. Become a key member in helping us spread the word and help save lives through advocacy, capacity building, conducting workshops and counseling and supporting organ donor families.

Our Team

Dr. Anirban Bose
Mr.Adi Dasika
Mr.Adi Dasika
Dr. Manjula Balasubramanian
Mr.Arun Shroff
Mr.Sudhakar Nagavalli