What is ethical organ donation?

Organ donation has been medical a practice since the 1950s and has saved millions of lives. Because organ donation can be a vital part of someone’s continued life, and with a global shortage of organs, the process can sometimes be facilitated through unethical means. 

We are looking to change the way in which organ donations take place to create an open, ethical, transparent process for both the donor and the recipient. 

We are passionate about increasing awareness of the global shortage of organs while also promoting transparency within our community. 

Our partners share in our vision. From the doctors who perform the transplants, to the fellow non-profits that are helping us revolutionize the process, we aim to help solve the organ crisis globally. 

Our Work

Our team has personally seen the effects ethical organ transplants can have on one’s quality of life. It is our mission to continue to raise awareness and educate the public about the miracle of organ donation.

Through our work with partners such as Donate Life, we are able to give families the support they need during this sensitive time. 

We work with grief counselors to provide compassionate support to the families of potential donors, and train transplant coordinators to facilitate organ donations between donor families, hospitals and patients. 

Through our partnerships, we are able to work with state and local governments to pass legislation to promote organ donation and ensure that the organ donation process is ethical and transparent.