Heartwarming Audio Stories About Organ Donation


MOHAN Foundation and Bhopuwala partnered to get you stories of hope, strength and the power to change someone’s life. Listen to these Happy Endings Podcasts led by Abhishek.

Your story ends the day you take the last breath, but what if you could pass the baton to someone else for the beginning of a new chapter?

Each life is perceived as a gift, a gift worthy of passing on. Through Organ Donation, you cannot just pass on the gift of life but also stay truly immortal. Happy Endings brings to you the stories of such courageous people who transformed their lives and didn’t give up in the face of adversity. Discover the way to numerous lives through Happy Endings.

Discover the way to numerous lives through Happy Endings.

Epi : A Father’s Desire
Manhohal Mahal lived peacefully with his family until one day his fate decided to challenge his life and love for his family.

Epi : Youthful Courage
Just like any other college going student, Shreya’s eyes were filled with hope, ambitions and dreams until the time destiny tried to challenge her courage, turning her life upside down.

Epi : Family
Naresh was living a decent life until one day he faced the threat of life. The fear of leaving behind his daughters made him question the importance of life.

Epi : Snowman
This is the story of Jaya, a mother who wanted to live for her daughter and the story of Jaya’s mother who didn’t think once before risking her life for Jaya.

Epi : Betting on Life
Vinner, a middle class man lived peacefully with his family until one day he bets his entire life to save the life of his daughter.

Epi : Love
Poonam was living a healthy life until one day fate challenged her love for her partner and put her in an intense questionable dilemma.

Bonus Epi : The Happy Conversation
A candid conversation featuring smiles, tears of joy, shivers and goosebumps. Catch Abhishek in conversation with Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director, Mohan Foundation, Delhi-NCR.