MOHAN USA seeks to promote Ethical Organ Donation in India and to bring awareness about Organ Donation among the South Asian community in the USA.

It was formed by a group of concerned individuals in 2014 to help address the terrible situation of organ shortage. Our organization also seeks to increase awareness about the problem of organ shortage and patient suffering in India and to raise resources for those organizations in India that help address this shortage of organs in an ethical, transparent manner.

In particular, we work with NGOs and non-profit organizations in India, such as MOHAN FOUNDATION, an independent Non-Governmental Organization based out of Chennai that has done pioneering work in this regard since 1997 and has been responsible for over 4000 organ transplants being carried out across India.

All the above efforts has helped in increasing organ donation four fold in 5 years. These efforts has resulted in saving of additional 3,000 lives in the year 2017 through transplantation of organs such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys plus tissues such as corneas and skin.