The Solution


MOHAN USA was formed in by a group of concerned individuals in 2014 to help address the terrible situation of organ donation in India. Our organization seeks to increase awareness about the problem of organ shortage and patient suffering in India and to raise resources for those organizations in India that help address this shortage of organs in an ethical, transparent manner.

In particular, we work with NGOs and non-profit organizations in  India, such as MOHAN FOUNDATION, an independent Non-Governmental Organization based out of Chennai that has done pioneering work in this regard since 1997 and has been responsible for over 4000 organ transplants being carried out across India.


Their activities range from creating awareness about organ donation among the public, to training grief counselors to give compassionate support to the families of “brain dead” donors, to training transplant coordinators to synchronize organ donations between donor families, hospitals and patients.

They also work with state and local governments to pass appropriate legislation that will promote organ donation and ensure that this process is ethical and transparent.

They provide all their services at no cost to patients or their families.

Highlights of MOHAN Foundation’s Work:
While Mohan foundation’s achievements in facilitating more than 4000 organ transplants and undertaking massive public awareness campaigns can fill up webpage after webpage, the real impact of the foundation’s work is best realized in stories like that of Samagna, a medical student who had spread awareness about organ donation amongst her family after learning about it through the MOHAN foundation and ended up saving the lives of 4 other people when she died of a stroke at age 18. Or that of 22-year old Ramesh, a migrant worker living on the footpaths of Chennai, whose illiterate wife donated his organs to save six lives when he died following a severe head injury; or that of a day laborer who donated his only son’s organs to save five other lives when approached by the trained counselors of MOHAN foundation. They are all people who have so little, but give so much, at their moment of greatest grief because they see the nobility of the cause. And it is decisions like these that impact the lives of people like 17-year-old Sandeep inside whom beats the heart of a 25-year-old, making him now strive for all those things that any teenager would.