About Ria Mohan:

Ria wanted to become an organ donation ambassador because she witnessed the direct detrimental consequences that those suffering from organ failure must cope with each and every day. Her aunt in India, who had to undergo dialysis three times a week, and was waiting for a kidney transplant for over 6 years now. This motivated her to take action for her and all the millions of people waiting for life-saving organs. Ria founded the TRIO Youth Ambassadorship for Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness to inform community members of the lifesaving power of registering as an organ donor. Ria believes that by sharing personal stories, she can inspire people to join the registry so she started a podcast. She will be attending an 8-year BS/MD program in college to become a transplant surgeon and hopes to continue advocating for increased awareness of organ donation.

The podcast is aimed to shed light on the life-saving power of a single organ donation. The main objective of each episode is to hear a personal story from someone affected by organ donation and witness the moving, touching effects of this enormous act of kindness. This podcast serves as a platform to forge connections and share meaningful dialogue between members of the community.

Please find the link to the podcast :

Eight Lives Saved: Podcast on Organ Donation Awareness

On How to Save Eight Lives at Once, we talk to organ donors and recipients, medical professionals, and youth to raise awareness about organ donation.


Episode-1 : Ria Mohan, Our Founding Mother

Ria speaks of her personal experiences with her aunt’s kidney failure and her commitment to raise awareness through many of her projects

Episode-2 : Dr. Hemal, The MOHAN Foundation 

Dr. Hemal sheds light on the story of MOHAN Foundation and its effort to create a support system for deceased organ donation in India. 

Episode-3 : Danielle Sweeney, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Daniella is a Transplant Coordinator for liver and intestine transplant. She takes us through a day’s work and the joy of seeing a child lead a normal life after receiving a transplant.

Episode-4 : Andi, Kami, and Mental Health

The two social workers speak about their work as they support donors and recipients to go through with the surgeries.

Episode-5 : Calvin Matthew, The High Schooler

Calvin was impacted when his uncle was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. He talks about his determination to tell youngsters that the disease of diabetes and hypertension have to be taken seriously. 

Episode-6 : Dr. Bose, Miss Lalitha, and Aye Zindagi

The genesis of the movie Aye Zindagi and its chief players Dr. Anirban Bose and Mrs. Lalitha. Dr Bose and Mrs Lalitha speak of their experiences in Organ Donation.