Our Team

Dr. Anirban Bose

President of MOHAN USA, Dr. Anirban Bose is Associate professor of Medicine and Nephrology at th University of Rochester in Upstate NY. Having experienced firsthand the problems patients in India face in their effort to get a kidney transplant ...Read more

Mr.Adi Dasika

Vice President of MOHAN USA, Adi Dasika is founder and president of Icon Technologies. He lives in New Jersey and is widely traveled. He has seen the benefits of organ transplantation and seen the problems patients with ...Read more

Dr. Manjula Balasubramanian

Founding trustee of MOHAN USA, Dr. Manjula Balasubramanian, MD is a transplant pathologist involved with bone marrow and solid transplant for more than 30 years and has personally witnessed how transplants can save lives, transform ...Read more

Mr. Sudhakar Nagavalli

Secretary of MOHAN USA, Mr. Sudhakar Nagavalli is a Healthcare Technology Management and Planning Consultant. For last 35 years he has been engaged in delivering clinical equipment and technology solutions to various  ...Read more

Mr. Arun Shroff

Joint Secretary of MOHAN USA, Mr. Arun Shroff is a technology entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of  Xtend.AI, a startup using AI/ML for solving  challenges in health and other domains.  He is also a co-founder of ...Read more

Mr. Manmohan Mahal

West Coast Liaison for MOHAN USA, Mr. Manmohan Mahal was born in India and migrated to USA in the seventies. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering from University of California, Berkeley....Read more