Dr.  Anirban Bose

Dr. Anirban Bose is Associate professor of Medicine and Nephrology at th University of Rochester in Upstate NY. Having experienced firsthand the problems patients in India face in their effort to get a kidney transplant, he has a long and abiding interest in renal transplantation from both a personal and professional standpoint and seeks to volunteer his time to furthering the cause of MOHAN USA.

Mr.Adi Dasika

Mr. Adi Dasika

Adi Dasika is founder and president of Icon Technologies. He lives in New Jersey and is widely traveled. He has seen the benefits of organ transplantation and seen the problems patients with end-stage organ failure face in India. He has helped organize fundraisers to benefit such patients and having had the spiritual satisfaction of helping others at need, he along with his wife Lakshmi have decided to dedicate their retirement for the cause of raising organ donation awareness in India. They bring their passion and enthusiasm to MOHAN USA.

Dr.  Manjula Balasubramanian

Dr. Manjula Balasubramanian, MD is a transplant pathologist involved with bone marrow and solid transplant for more than 30 years and has personally witnessed how transplants can save lives, transform lives and families. She comes with expertise in this area and is interested in seeing growth in this field. She hopes to be able to contribute to MOHAN USA’s noble cause of fostering ethical organ transplant availability in India through her expertise.

Mr. Arun Shroff

Arun Shroff Joint Secretary of MOHAN USA, is a technology entrepreneur, and founder of Xtend.AI, a startup using AI/ML for solving challenges in health and other domains. He is also a co-founder of FrontPoint Systems, Inc. a provider of web and technology solutions and consulting services with offices in New Jersey, and Chennai, India. He also serves as the Director of Technology for Medindia, a leading health website. He is an active supporter of several social causes including increasing awareness of organ donation and education of poor and underprivileged children in India. He seeks to volunteer his time to help further the cause of MOHAN USA.

Mr. Sudhakar Nagavalli

Sudhakar Nagavalli Secretary of MOHAN USA is a Healthcare Technology Management and Planning Consultant. For the last 35 years, he has been engaged in delivering clinical equipment and technology solutions to various healthcare institutions in the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and India. He is extensively involved with the advocacy of Clinical Engineering in the USA. He is a current member of the USA Board of Examiners for certifying Clinical Engineers, Biomedical Technicians, Clinical Lab Equipment Engineers, and Radiology Equipment Engineers worldwide. He is interested in promoting the importance of Organ Donation and furthering the cause of Mohan USA by volunteering his time.